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My name is Christer. I’m 30 years old and live in the Twin Cities. I want to share with you about my fitness group called Fitness & Friends Core Workout. Core is part of a running club named ALARC.  ALARC started as a Marathon training program in 1981. ALARC today has the Core workout class and running groups. On each New Year’s Day, ALARC hosts the annual Ice Dive on Lake Minnetonka to raise money to charities.  I have been a member of ALARC Core Workout for 7 1\2 years. I started going with my dad who started three months before me. The Core workout group is men and women between the ages of 30 to 70 years old from the western suburbs. Each has their own fitness goals. We meet three days a week at Lindbergh Center in Hopkin for 90 minutes. If the weather is warm and nice, we meet outside. We do social activities throughout the year.

For Core workout, we start off the workout with a lap or two and then do yoga stretches to warm up. We do three circuits. The first circuit has push-ups, our beloved wall sit, ab work, weights. For second circuit we do push-ups, planks, and weights. For the third circuit, we have “call your own push-ups”. Call your own is an ice breaker when somebody pick a question and everybody in the group said their name, answers the question, and calls out their own push-ups. After that, we do more ab work and we finish with weights. I’m looking forward to sharing with you Fitness and Friends – “a workout you would never do on your own”.

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